Our BEE Status

The essence of BEE is to create opportunities for the population, skills development including management, job creation and the development of entrepreneurship mainly for the black people.

BEE is an economic reality, for the 45 million people of South Africa facing the enormous unemployment, the largely unskilled population, extreme wealth and poverty disparities and the influx into the urban areas.  SA is not a welfare state; RSA Removals is at the heart of relocating nationwide to ensure a rapid affordable relocation of SA’s citizens.

Many businesses would be forced to close up shop.  There are not enough black-owned businesses to service the whole economy, leaving the few wealthy get wealthier.  Although BEE is voluntary it is still imperative to be part and parcel of the BBBEE today.  Section 10 of BBBEE Act allows government to consider our BEE status when granting licenses and concessions etc.  “The banks may regard the entity as a credit risk if you are not empowered” – Patrick Daly. Daly Attorneys (Business Day Supplement 31 May 2005).

RSA Removals is 49% black owned with a recognition of R1.25 per R1 spent.  With a 15% weighting point and 3% of the compliance target of the Net. Profit after Tax (NPAT).  The vital objectives are to contribute to the development, sustainability and financial and operational independence of beneficiaries.  We cover the 20 points that are from BBBEE procurement spend from all suppliers based on the BBBEEE procurement recognition on the BEE status.  Our entity is entitled to its own internal courses that reflect on the basis of progress on our own black people’s achievements.

Business Strengths

  • Family business – We work harder to look after our staff and their families
  • We are known for our outstanding service
  • We have competitive prices
  • We make our clients feel like our closest friends
  • We feel adamant about client service, honesty, integrity and loyalty.
  • We have a level 4 grading for BEE, still working towards the highest level to obtain.

Existing Customer Base

  • All the different Government Departments
  • Anglo Platinum
  • Pioneer Foods
  • Eskom
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