About Us


Business Location

The business is situated in a residential area.

Business Environment

Staffs allowed joining a Union of their choice; however, the owners will ensure that staff stays motivated and loyal by ensuring pleasant working conditions and with incentive schemes.

Economic/Business Cycle

In the transportation business there is movement throughout the year.  The business is not susceptible to seasonal changes.


The business is being managed by Pieter Marais on a day to day basis with the assistance of Jacob Ngoepe, one of the members of the company.


We have 8 staff members employed with us.


Pieter Marais

Assisting with logistics, HR and managing other staff

Floor Manager

Jacob Ngoepe

Responsible for all staff working on the floor and packaging department


De Beers and Ass

Managing all finances for the company


Driving vehicles throughout South Africa

Packers and workers

Responsible for Packing, loading and off loading of client’s furniture

All staff has the relevant experience in their own fields.

Recruitment and selection

The company hires its staff on a merit basis system but with special attention to the guidelines of the Employment Equity Act and the BEE charter.


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